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Buffing wheel impregnated with polishing compound “POLIMALL VERDE” is uniformly impregnated with polishing compound necessary for maintaining polishing performance,so anyone can easily gloss finish. It is effective for mirror finish of precious metal nonferrous metal, for gloss finish of iron and stainless steel products.
* Since the polishing compound necessary for maintaining the polishing performance is uniformly impregnated,so anyone can make easily gloss finish.
* Because the application of polishing compound is unnecessary, the work efficiency gains dramatically.
* Since scattering of polishing compound is small, the work environment is remarkably improved.
Recommended application
* Mirror finish of precious metals and nonferrous metals
* Gloss finishing of iron and stainless steel products
Outside diameter 75/100/125/150/200/250/300/350mm
Thickness 5ply(about 5-6mm),
10ply(about 10-12mm)
Shaft diameter 9.5, 12.7, 15.9, 19.1, 22.2, 25.4, 38.1mm
* Type of buffs : Loose cloth buff
* If you have any requests such as addition of stitches feel free to contact us.
* To prevent dirt and affix., paper is attached to the buff side. So please remove the paper before using the buff.
* Recommended peripheral speedF1,000~2,000m/min
See PDF catalogue
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* Type : PC-F04 : HEAVY CUT (RED Label)
Compound to remove sanding marks and make a better surface for next step.
PC-F04 removes sanding marks #1200 to #1500 without deep scratches.
* Type : PC-U04 : FINE CUT (BLUE Label)
Compound to remove sanding and polishing marks in previous process.
PC-U04 removes sanding marks #1500 to #2000, and gains luster surface.
* Type : PC-S03 : SHINE POLISH (ORANGRE Label)
Shine polish compound for mirror finish.
PC-S03 removes remaining scratches in previous process swiftly and achieves clear mirror finish without oil film.
Non-silicon / Non-wax
Volume 750ml/Bottle, 18L/Can, 180L/Drum.
See PDF catalogue
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Polimall sheet

photo image
Polimall Roll
Polimall Pink(Super Hard)
~3 colors for different applications~
< Characteristics >
* Polimall sheet PINK (Super Hard)
Polishing power/ Significantly UP compared with Yellow and Blue. Suited for wide range of metals.(Platinum jewellery to stainless polishing)
* Polimall sheet YELLOW (Hard)
Standard type cloth/ Excellent balance of lustering and stain-removal. Polishing cloth for general metals.
* Polimall sheet BLUE(Soft)
Suited for polishing delicate metals such as silver and gold due to less-abrasives mixture.
< SIZE >
Sheet 125 x 195mm (1sheet/bag) 100 bags/box
Roll 500mm x 30M /500 x 10M
* See PDF cataloque
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~Lime buffing compound with outstanding cutting and coloring performance~
< Characteristics >
Cutting and coloring compound for iron
/ stainless steel.Used for sisal and cloth buffs.
Clean coloring due to outstanding cutting.
< applications >
photo image
Set for dia.150
*RYOBI electric drill / MD-12VR...1unit
*Soft Uniflap with shaft /
JCE-180 150 x 25 x 10... 1pc.
*recommended rpm...2000rpm
photo image
Set for dia.200
*RYOBI electric drill / D-1002...1unit
*Soft Uniflap with shaft /
JCE-180 200 x 50 x 10... 1pc.
*recommended rpm...1300rpm
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photo image
photo image
Eco-friendly product !!
(removable shaft)
Repeated use of shaft
< Characteristics >
* By slitting soft abrasive cloth which is exclusively developed for deburring in brush shape, easy deburing is performed for various shapes of works( contoured surface, uneven surface, etc.). Deburring process is easy because of shaft attachment.
* Deburring after pressing process can be performed without removing protective tape on works, and no secondary burrs occur.
< Applications >
* Removing burrs on metal works which are generated by punching and laser process.
* Removing burrs of works in all kinds of shapes such as 3-D work ( contoured surface, uneven surface) after forming process, etc.
< With shaft ...Type / size table>
Product name grit O.D.(mm) x W(mm) x S.D.(mm) Recommended tool
Soft Uniflap set w/shaft JCE-180 150 x 25 x 10 RYOBI electric drill / MD-12VR
Soft Uniflap set w/shaft JCE-180 200 x 50 x 10 RYOBI electric drill /
Soft Uniflap set w.o/shaft JCE-180 150 x 25 x 10 -
Soft Uniflap set w.o/ shaft JCE-180 200 x 50 x 10 -
< Soft Uniflap special shaft-table>
Product name Tip diameter(mm) x chuck diameter(mm) x Length(mm)
soft unifrap special shaft dia.150 dia.8 x dia.10 x 77
soft unifrap special shaft dia.200 dia.8 x dia.10 x 110
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Suitable for surface finish of press work of various metals, deburring of cut surface.
Soft abrasive cloth which is slitted in brush shape can contact with complicated-shape-work. Effective polishing is achieved.
Removing burrs on metal works which are generated by punching and laser process.
Removing burrs of works in all kinds of shapes such as 3-D work ( contoured surface,
uneven surface) after forming process, etc. Surface finish process of various metals.
< Soft Uniflaap for buff lathe ...Type / size table >
Product name grit O.D.(mm) x I.D.(mm)-W(mm) x A.D.(mm)
Soft Uniflap JCK-120 300 x 125-50 x 25.4(32)
Soft Uniflap JCE-180 300 x 125-50 x 25.4(32)
Soft Uniflap JWK-320 300 x 125-50 x 25.4(32)
Soft Uniflap JCK-120 300 x 125-100 x 25.4(32)
Soft Uniflap JCE-180 300 x 125-100 x 25.4(32)
Soft Uniflap JWK-320 300 x 125-100 x 25.4(32)
movie MOVIE : Deburring
photo image
Double Sisal Buff / Flange-integrated type
Flange-integrated-type Double sisal buff is developed. Usage under high-speed rotation is possible.
Recommended treatment: Gold, Pinkred, Purple treatment( New treatment: Treatment to optimize the buffing compounds characteristics)
<Size>-------------------<max.revolution speed(rpm) >
365mm x135mm x 25.4mm------------2800
400mm x135mm x 25.4mm------------2400
< Recommended treatment>
Treatment Characteristics
Super Yellow
Hardness is suited for cutting iron/stainless steel
Super Green
Softer treatment with conformability for non-ferrous metal
photo image
Micro-Polinet Sheet

photo image
Micro-Polinet Roll
* Micro-Polinet is a very flexible sanding cloth using ultrafine screen-mesh cloth (50mesh & 100mesh).
* No-clogging: Screen-meshed structure prevents from clogging.
* Both sides use: Both sides are coated with grains.
* Water proof: Can be used for both wet and dry operations.
* Long lasting sanding: Long lasting sanding ability till its full product life time.
* Any size: You can make it any size which meets your requirement.
< Standard size>
sheet 210 x 280mm (25sheets/box)
roll 100mm x 10M
(max.width1000mm wrapped with paper tube)
photo image

photo image
Polishing side
Lustering side
Nail polishing cloth NAIL HEART
< Characteristics >
* Polishing cloth(both sides) for polishing and lustering.
* Ultramicro abrasive particles on PINK side smoothen nail unevenness.
* Ultramicro abrasive particles and plant oil on PURPLE side give nail excellent luster and moisture.
* NAIL HEART use prior to nail polish produces excellent lustering result.
< How to use >
STEP 1. Polish with PINK side until unevenness of the nail surfaces get smooth.
STEP 2. Luster nails with PURPLE side.

*Thickness of nails varies among different individuals, so be careful not to polish too much.
photo image photo image photo image
Polish with PINK side
Luster with PURPLE side
Nail surfaces obtain luster and moisture
Product name Size
Nail polishing cloth NAIL HEART 50 x 55mm (6 pcs./package)
Wallnet Dust Collection Sander Set
photo image
This product is developed for dust countermeasure of sanding after putty painting and drying of interior decoration board.
< Characteristics >
* Mesh structure prevents clogging
* Product life time is 3 times of polishing paper (in-house test result), Both sides use.
* Strong unit with more than 90% dust collection rate solves dust problem completely.
* Curing after house renovation can be reduced and easy cleaning.
* Total weight 2.4kg makes it easy to carry
* Belt is equipped for shoulder and waist.
photo image
Strong dust collection power
(Dust collection rate=90% or more)
photo image
Without dust collector
With Dust collector
< Applications >
For sanding of plaster board wall and joints of ceiling (Screen-mesh file).
< Included in this set >
Wallnet Dust Collection Sander - 1 piece
Wallnet A-80 / 1 box (25 shetts)
Wallnet Special Cleaner - 1 piece
< Cautions >
* Instruction manual is attached to each item of this product (inside or outside the box). Read this instruction manual before use. Refer to above pictures for product assembly.
* Wear safety cap, protective glasses, dust mask and glove when you use this product.
* Wallnet special cleaner (V clean) will get heated during long and continuous operation, which causes troubles. Use this product accordingly.
* When paper pack of Wallnet special cleaner (V clean) is full of dust, dust collecting performance will deteriorate. Change paper pack periodically. Refer to instruction manual for paper pack purchase.
* Wallnet Dust Collection sander set is strictly for sanding of plaster board wall and joints of ceiling. No other purpose is allowed.
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