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What's new
Aug. 1, 2017 (Tue) Aug.11,2017(Fri) ~ Aug.16,2017(Wed)
Our summer holiday.
Jui. 5, 2017 (Wed) NEM Product"POLIMALL VERDE"
Dec. 7, 2016 (Wed) Dec. 29, 2016 (Thu) ~ Jan. 4, 2017 (Wed)
Our winter holiday.
Jul. 26, 2016 (Tue) Aug.11,2016(Thu) ~ Aug.16,2016(Tue)
Our summer holiday.
Jun. 29, 2015 (Mon) NEM Product"Polimall sheet PINK(Super Hard)".
SALE on 1st July
~3 colors for different applications.~
Aug. 15, 2012 (Wed) Our company participated at "MMM-EXPO 2012"
in Beijing from August 8 to August 10,
Our booth numbers are 2101 and 2103.
Apr. 1, 2011 (Fri) Radiation effect of the nuclear power plant accident to our products:
Thank you very much for using Koyo-Sha products.
You may be concerned about the accident at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima and its radiation effect to our products. Our factory is located very far from the nuclear power plant, and we have confirmed there is no radiation effect to our products at all. We would like to announce that there is no need to worry about using our products.

Thank you very much for your continuous support.
Aug. 1, 2008 (Fri) Our new product [ Soft Uniflap ] is now shown on “NEW PRODUCTS” page.
Jul. 24, 2008 (Thu) Our new product [ Nail Heart ] is now shown on “NEW PRODUCTS” page.
Feb. 19,2008 (Tue) Feb. 5, 2008 (Tue) ~ Feb. 8, 2008 (Fri)
We exhibited in The 65th Tokyo International Gift Show.
Sep. 28, 2007 (Fri) Our English website is renewed.
Sep. 28, 2007 (Fri) Sep. 4, 2007 (Tue) ~ Sep. 7, 2007 (Fri)
We exhibited in The 62nd Tokyo Internatinal Gift Show.
Sep. 28, 2007 (Fri) Aug. 23, 2007 (Thu) ~ Aug. 25, 2007 (Sat)
We exhibited in JAPAN DIY HOMECENTER SHOW 2007.
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